Events & Meeting

2019 Smile Contets Winners

Winner of the 2019 Smile contest for third grade students in the Mobile Area are:

1st Place Fredrick Campbell from Eichold Mertz Elementary
2nd Place Jordan Sewer from St. Elmo Elementary

1st Place Zoe Turner-Orchard Elementary
2nd Place Meleah Moore Castlen Elementary

Events and Meetings

January 24, 2019-Business Meeting/Site Visit/Pro Assurance Meeting

January 2019-March 2019 School Screening for 1st and 3rd grades

February 15, 2019- Smile Contest Christ United Methodist Church

April 5, 2019-Spring C.E. Course - Speakers will be Dr. Kitrina Cordell and Dr. Molly Rosebush

August 15, 2019 Fall Business Meeting- Benton Thompson

Fall C.E.- September 2019 Day and speaker to be announce